10 Timeless Tips for Elevated and Enduring Style

1. Dress for the crowd you want to belong to.

Defining Iconic American Vintage Style

I've been spending a lot of time contemplating what is Iconic American Vintage Style?  It's something so natural and innate to me, but I want to define it more clearly for others.  Iconic to me, means reducing things down to the essentials and executing them in a timeless way that seems almost larger than life.  To be American is to be a part of the grand experiment.  It means the eclectic energy and storied history of amazing times like the Prohibition era.  It is belonging and being an outcast simultaneously.

Introducing the return of Iconic American Vintage Style

As we round the corner into cooler weather, one can only begin to think fondly of Fall.  I remember the first day of school and the excitement of new clothes, seeing friends after a summer apart, and the anxious feeling of beginning a new journey.  And so I found this feeling familiar, as I embarked on the creation of a timeless way of dressing that is both masculine and lovely, classic and contemporary. Considered creation (and consumption) means being free from the bonds of change for it's own sake and the wake of waste that mentality brings.  These are the c

Gentlemen's Vintage Show Recap

I hope you all got a chance to go to the 1st Gentleman's Vintage Show last week, it was hopping. There were all kinds of tasty bits and pieces to send you straight to the front of the style line.

The 1st Annual Gentlemen's Vintage Show

Alright men, it's like Christmas in November. If you need a few select accessories to impart some new life into your wardrobe, you can't miss this event. Good clothes cost good money, so for most of us that means having a somewhat limited wardrobe, but a few new bowties, pocket squares and a good fedora can totally elevate your style. Take a tape measure or if you have a friend who sews, that's even better. Make sure to look inside the garments. Many older garments have "outlets". This extra fabric at the seams would allow the garment to be let out as the wearer grew.